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Reinforcing Steel


At this Construction Cost Consulting business, we believe that the key to achieving customer satisfaction, be it for new home construction or any other project, is through exceptional service. Our team of dedicated, talented, and professional experts are committed to excellence and form the backbone of AJL Project Services, Inc — handling our clients’ projects in the most efficient and transparent manner. Check out the team and let us know what our Construction Consultant Service can do for you.


Owner and Manager

John is the Chief Operating officer of the firm, and handles the day-to-day operations of the firm including all projects and accounts.

He brings to bear his over 35 years of experience in the built environment of Construction(Building & Infrastructure) and Maintenance (Building, Automotive, Electrical, Plumbing etc.) as an Engineer, a project manager and an Executive manager.

He has an engineering degree, an engineering postgraduate degree and also a business graduate (MBA).

He had a 15-year stint in public works and about 10 years in a conglomerate after which he started out as an independent project management consultant.

John is a certified Project Manager, a member of the PMI and the NSPE.


Administrative Consultant

Diana Rogmanoli is an experienced Project Administrator and a certified Project Manager with over 30 years experience in the industry dominantly in healthcare administration.

She brings to the Project board as a consultant her wealth of experience in being able to administer projects effectively and efficiently towards successful delivery.

She is a business graduate of the Cox Business School of the Southern Methodist University, with a postgraduate degree in healthcare administration after her baccalaureate in business administration.

Her stint in employment of over 25 years were dominantly in top hospitals where she deployed EMR/HER (Electronic Medical/Hospital Records) Software for effective and efficient patients and hospital management.



Donna Fendley is an invaluable contributor to the growth of our business. She specializes in projects of all sizes, and has a knack for always getting the job done right. 



David is astute life insurance professional and been in it for years, His business experience is a great value to the AJL. Since our founding, he has helped shape the success of our business. Regardless of what is asked of him, he is always there to help keep the company on track.

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